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My healing time was cut in half”! The picture of fitness Sheri L. has been a long time Tri-athelete and Personal Trainer.  “I couldn’t have done what I have all these years as an athelete without Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine”!
~Sheri L

Bill your treatments have helped me immeasurably along the path to wellness. Your communication with me is so affirming and non-judgemental that it allows me to freely be my best. I especially appreciate the spiritual healing you generously share. A heartfelt thank you for being who you are”.
~Blessings, Earlene C.

Anyone experiencing the stresses and swift pace of day-to-day life in a technological age should be aware of the power of acupuncture to create a road map to healthy living. I am a person who felt I was doing it all right – eating organic food, taking vitamin supplements, exercising – but, guess what, I put myself under a great deal of self-imposed stress through work addiction, taking care of others and just not paying attention to my body telling me to stop living in constant stress. Chronic diseases followed: herniated disk, diabetes Type II, high blood pressure – I want to reiterate that I believe no matter how great your lifestyle is…chronic diseases will take you down. I have been seeing Bill Wright, L.Ac. for several years and the acupuncture treatments and the mind/body work that one gets with a simple 1 hour treatment will change your life. Old habits are hard to break…but I have made extraordinary changes and will continue to make changes that would never have happened with traditional western medicine. Bill, thanks also for being such a great health care provider – I think you have probably heard this many times but it helps to reiterate that you have really helped change my life in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas – as a health care provider you can really effect change – and that is what I have found working with you. When I first met you, I was an emotional wreck – with many more emotional, physical wounds – and, yes, I did have a serious injury to my neck 3 years ago (almost to the day) but I have found that I feel better in all areas and more equipped to face life’s daily challenges – thank you for being here for me.”
Best, Anne
~Anne Kemp, litigation consultant, Author – “Litigation Management Technologies”

“All I know is that Acupuncture works”! Tim Burch was, “skeptical at first, but willing to try anything because my hands were so achy and limited in their mobility. Now I’m extremely pleased with what has happened. My hands don’t ache as much and I have much more movement. My wife says I’m a, ‘quick study’ when it comes to the treatments. Thanks Bill”!
~Tim Burch

“I cannot say enough about the benefits I have received. I am currently undergoing acupuncture treatments for a bladder disease. I am so thankful that I have seen great improvements regarding the disease and also have noticed much more energy. I have been whole heartedly recommending my friends to Dr. Bill for acupuncture. I came to acupuncture very skeptical, and have been pleasantly surprised at what a blessing it has been and how it has changed my life for the better.”
~Darlene Sarver

“When I first decided to try acupuncture it was my last resort for back pain. My family practice doctor suggested I give it a try. I came not expecting a miraculous cure only relief. What I received was a back that was happy! I can now work in my yard and not suffer. I’m so glad I found Bill Wright.”
~Edna Melville

“Thank you for everything you have done for me, Bill. Out of all of the healers I have had in my life, you have made the biggest impact”!
Much Love,
Laura Frost

Dr. Bill Wright is a true hands-on healer. This winter’s treatments for my son and I helped us fight off the illnesses that tripped up everyone around us. As a healthy, fit human himself, Dr. Bill is focused on peak performance and highly sensitive to the specialized needs and treatment protocols for athletes. Anyone focused on peak performance and optimum health and wellness is in great hands with Dr. Wright.”
~Brad Kearns – Tri-Athlete, Auburn Triathlon, Author of How Lance Does It

“Bill recently treated me for terrible headaches that went on for 3 weeks. He had performed miracles on me two years ago and I had not forgotten how good I felt after his treatments. Bill’s approach helped me to feel much better again this time too. He is very thorough and listens carefully. He is serious about his work. I personally have referred him to friends because he has taken such good care of me, and will continue to do so”!
Thanks, Hanne Y.


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