Healing Resources

I find myself referring my clients to certain resources so often that I wanted to make obtaining the following resources as easy as possible. Enjoy the following items, and may they serve to deepen your healing path.

  • The first (4) books  are all you will need to help you sort out the plaguing question, “What should I eat to get out of pain, heal, and stay healthy?

I think Michael Pollan’s work is very insightful and useful. See for yourself, and ENJOY BEING AN OMNIVORE…

Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual
by Michael Pollan and Maira Kalman


  • This next book is the full version of where, “Food Rules” came from; EXCELLENT READ, and have fun implementing your new RELATIONSHIP to eating…



  • This next book will give you all the tools and support you need (yummy recipes) to implement a shift to a whole-foods, time tested, traditional cuisine. Bon Appetit!
Nourishing Traditions
by Sally Fallon


  • This next book will provide you with more whole-food recipes, but will help expand your knowledge base about how dietary therapy is viewed from an Oriental Medical Perspective…


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