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Karen Wright Therapeutic Bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy Auburn California

“Karen Wright is absolutely one of my very favorite massage therapists, not only for myself, but to refer friends and clients to for excellent bodywork. Karen is one of those practitioners who just knows how to put the client first and create an environment that is 100% about you and your healing. Her touch is comforting, restorative and nurturing, as well as therapeutic and just as deep or gentle as you need it.”  
-Jessica Gutierrez  ~ 

“Karen is highly skilled with a wide variety of techniques.  She is also extremely intuitive in listening to the subtle messages of the body. Always professional, present, and warm, Karen demonstrates the easeful confidence that comes from years of mastery.”
~ Lisa Schrader

“You are everything that a massage therapist should be.  Your Craniolsacral technique is amazing.  You know how to manipulate limbs in such a way that allows you to gain access to difficult areas.  Your demeanor is very calming.  You intuitively know exactly where that line is of just the right amount of pressure to apply.   You can go deep enough to break up those bunched up muscles and yet back off at the point before it gets painful.”
Dale Kehoe

“As a busy mother and health care provider, it is important that I take care of my body so that I can care for others. Karen has provided me excellent service for over three years. By maintaining regular massages, I am able to prevent tension headaches and pains that accompany a physically demanding job. I also received prenatal massage that allowed me to continue juggling my career as a physician and care for my toddler and husband. After my pregnancy, I continue regular massages to maintain my health and work-life balance. I highly recommend Karen as an excellent massage therapist.”
~ Rebekah Latham

“Karen is very good in alleviating aches and pains in this old puppy. She effectively uses deep tissue massage, hot stone therapy and many other techniques in assisting my well-being as I grow older.”
~ Jim Gamble

“What a wonderful experience overall. With Karen I felt instantly at home and relaxed. She has an intuitive sense of how much pressure to apply and where my body needs it most. I highly recommend her!”
~ Brian Buckle

“Karen treats each patient uniquely. She will communicate and ask questions to understand her client’s needs. I prefer deeper tissue, and she has very strong hands! She’s great at making her clients comfortable and walking them through breathing exercises to fully benefit from their experience. She provides an hour of fully “stress- free, down time”. You can always tell who sees her when they walk out with crazy hair, as she does great scalp work, as well as face and jaw. She also incorporates techniques of craniosacral in her practice. I am very grateful for finding such a unique therapist and look forward to working with Karen for many years to come.”
~ Elizabeth Adam

“I prefer a deep tissue sports related massage. My wife prefers a more relaxing Swedish style massage. Karen has the ability to accommodate our different needs. In today’s hustle and bustle world, you owe it to your self to give her an Hour or Hour and a Half of your time. You Won’t be disappointed. Thank You Karen for taking such good care of the two of us. We are both looking forward to our next appointment.”
~ Don Meyers

“I came into your office feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed. After my Cranioscacral session I am leaving your office feeling calm, energized and pain free. This modality is amazing!”
~ Deborah Grace

“After My Craniosacral session with you yesterday my chronic neck pain is gone. Thank you so much, Karen. I feel great!”
~ Mary Brinkman


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