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Anyone experiencing the stresses and swift pace of day-to-day life in a technological age should be aware of the power of acupuncture to create a road map to healthy living. I am a person who felt I was doing it all right – eating organic food, taking vitamin supplements, exercising – but, guess what, I put myself under a great deal of self-imposed stress through work addiction, taking care of others and just not paying attention to my body telling me to stop living in constant stress. Chronic diseases followed: herniated disk, diabetes Type II, high blood pressure – I want to reiterate that I believe no matter how great your lifestyle is…chronic diseases will take you down. I have been seeing Bill Wright, L.Ac. for several years and the acupuncture treatments and the mind/body work that one gets with a simple 1 hour treatment will change your life. Old habits are hard to break…but I have made extraordinary changes and will continue to make changes that would never have happened with traditional western medicine. Bill, thanks also for being such a great health care provider – I think you have probably heard this many times but it helps to reiterate that you have really helped change my life in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas – as a health care provider you can really effect change – and that is what I have found working with you. When I first met you, I was an emotional wreck – with many more emotional, physical wounds – and, yes, I did have a serious injury to my neck 3 years ago (almost to the day) but I have found that I feel better in all areas and more equipped to face life’s daily challenges – thank you for being here for me. Best, Anne

Anne Kemp, litigation consultant, Author – “Litigation Management Technologies”


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